Truck Wheel Wash Systems

What is Truck Washing Machine? What does it do?


Truck washing machines; causing vehicles to pollute roads – sites; They are machines that provide professional and systematic cleaning of wastes such as mud, dust and garbage from vehicle wheels and chassis. Our company  has been working on truck truck bottom and wheel washing systems  since the product entered the Turkish market. (2012) As Sancak Mühendislik, our main field of activity is wheel washing systems.

These machines are used in a wide range of areas such as factories, construction sites, and solid waste facilities. Our company has the ability to design and manufacture washing systems for all kinds of vehicles and all kinds of capacities. Our systems work without personnel and automatically. It is installed at the entrance or exit of your field. It systematically washes the vehicles at the time of entry and exit. It works on the closed-loop principle and uses the same water over and over as much as possible.

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This truck washing system, which is both affordable and takes up little space, can do really assertive washing. There are 80 nozzles in the product and our pump works with the ideal power calculated correctly for these nozzles. If your vehicles   pass over the Rapid Eco truck washing machine slowly enough, it is no different from the Rapid Pro model.

If you don’t have a very busy vehicle exit or an area where many vehicles will exit at the same time, this product will be sufficient.

Although the length of this truck washer is short for economic reasons, the flow and pressure per nozzle is the same as the nozzles in our Rapid Pro model. If we think of the washing system as a curtain, since the wheels are washed while passing through it, if the passing speed is reduced enough, a washing area of ​​2 meters is sufficient.

In addition to the 2 meters bottom and side washing length, we designed an additional 4 meters side washing line in our renewed RAPID EKO product. In this way, we created the right truck washing machine with a washing length of 6 meters and economical prices.



It is the entry level of modular, professional truck washing machine products. It is designed in the ideal length for 1 full cycle washing of the vehicle wheel. It is recommended for construction sites with less than 600 vehicles per day.

It is exactly 2 times of our Rapid Eco truck washing machine model. In other words, you buy 2 Rapid Echos. If you wish, you can use it as 2 separate machines in your new construction site, or you can add 1 more module and turn it into a Rapid Pro model.


Very high flow and ideal length combined!
It is designed in the ideal length for 2 full cycles of washing the vehicle wheel. It is recommended for construction sites with less than 750 vehicles per day. Washing performance can be rated as 10/10. If you are looking for a very powerful washing system, this is the right product!

In our products, special submersible pumps are used for truck wheel washing systems, which have been tried many times and give 100% successful results.

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